Champagne bubbles in cast glass table
Enyart Glass Works is a family owned business located just north of Denver Metro. We specialize in “warm glass” for architectural applications, functional art and standalone art.  Our history with kilns began over forty years ago with ceramics, and that experience led us to working with glass in a kiln-formed environment.  
We turned our focus to glass because of the versatility and beauty of the glass medium.  With cast glass there is a beautiful organic appearance, full of champagne bubbles and no two pieces are alike.  We work with our clients to give them an understanding of the capabilities of the medium, then collaborate with them, transforming their vision into reality.  With cast glass the possibilities are endless, pieces can be large or small, inches thick or a fraction of an inch thin, flat, curved or formed, crystal clear or mono or multi colored, translucent or opaque, textured, hand painted and even images can be layered into the depths of the glass . Our newest kiln, “Moby” allows us the freedom to produce dimensions up to 5’ x 10” of various thickness. 
Click through the project sample slides above to see some of the characteristics and possibilities of cast glass. A constellation of champagne bubbles is characteristic of all cast pieces. Custom made molds of refractory material or heat resistant metals can be made to customer specifications. Here we show a linear pattern, a geometric pattern, a forest pattern, a tree for surfaces, and smooth and textured edges. Our kiln, “Moby” is shown with elements heated on a systems check, and the Enyart GlassWorks photo is shown in wood, and backlit with green glass for our studio sign. Columbine flowers are hand painted on stacked layers of glass, then fused together – panels are destined for accents between ballisters in a mountain home staircase. A three hundred and fifty pound piece is lifted by a bridge crane, it’s not a challenge for the hand forged two inch bar stock base.